Printer and Chart Paper - Printers and Strip Chart recorders require paper for the pictures or strip chart read out. Documentation is required for payment and legal backup.

DHG Specialties is dedicated to providing the accessories you need at a reasonable price for the medical office. We Specialize in consumables related to ultrasound systems. If we do not carry what you need call or email us to see if we can source it for you.

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Sony UPP-110HG Sony UPP-110 HG 10 rolls / box $159.00
Sony UPP-84 HG 10 rolls / box $125.00
Sony UPP-110 HD 10 rolls / box $159.00
Sony UPP-110 S 10 rolls / box $87.00
Mitsubishi K65HM
Mitsubishi K65HM (blue) 4 rolls / box $75.00
Mitsubishi K65H
Mitsubishi K65H (black) 4 rolls / box $75.00
MSK Order Sheet
One page PDF
General Ultrasound Order Sheet
One page PDF
Mitsubishi K91HG
Mitsubishi K91HG (high gloss) 4 rolls / box $75.00
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Ulstar 110 HD
Generic High Density Paper 5 rolls / box $71.00
Ulstar 110HG
Generic High Gloss Paper 5 rolls / box $71.00
Hokanson Chartpaper
Chart Paper w grid 3 rolls / box $27.00
Chart Paper w grid case of 60 rolls $420.00
Chart Paper plain for MD6R MD6VR 10 rolls / box $48.00
Chart Paper plain for MD6R MD6VR 10 rolls / box $65.00
Adhesive backed for putting on chart
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