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Probe Covers Probe covers are used for endocavity transducers and in situations where a sterile field is required such as surgical procedures, biopsies, injections or aspirations. Wounds or scanning in a sensitive or inflammed area may require special care. Do not forget cleaning agents and/or sterile gel also.

DHG Specialties is dedicated to providing the accessories you need at a reasonable price for the medical office. We Specialize in consumables related to ultrasound systems. If we do not carry what you need call or email us to see if we can source it for you.

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Endocavity Probe Covers 100 per bag $35.00
Eclipse Latex Free Probe Covers 100 / box $62.00
Latex Free Endocavity Probe Covers 100/box $78.00
Semi rolled
Latex Free Endocavity Probe Covers 100/box $78.00
Non-Sterile Non-Latex Civ-Flex Cover 50 ea $135.00
Civco 610-362 14x61 cm Box end
Sterile Non-Latex Cover - Linear Probe 24/box $170.00
14x91.5 cm Civco 610-542 Civ-Flex Box end
610-002 Civco sterile probe cover
Civco 610-002 Sterile Non-Latex Box end $140.00
24/bx 14x61 cm Civ-Flex
610-015 civco probe cover
Civco 610-015 Polyethelene Sterile Non-Latex $125.00
24/box 10.2x61 cm Box end
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Shield Sterile Wide Probecover kit w/gel $150.00
3.5x24" 24 / box
General Ultrasound Order Sheet
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Phone - 800 725-5279 ---- Fax - 800 345-8796
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